This week on our #MeetTheTeam series, we would like to introduce our Radiopark Ranger in the #USA, Marco.

We asked him (1) what his favourite childhood song was, (2) the song that makes him dance and about his (3) favourite artist(s):

1. Guten Morgen Sonnenschein (Nana Mouskouri) I bet one day someone will make a good dance remix to this song. later: Money for nothing (Dire Straits)When I built my first #hifi#speakers, this was the first song that played..

2. L’ombelico del Mondo (Jovanotti) because … sono italiano ??Tanz der Moleküle (Mia) still works for me Sexy Eis (Bürger Lars Dietrich) I dance every summer Latch (Disclosure ft. Sam Smith) first heard at “Le bain” in New York City.

3. that’s sooo difficult.Is it #Prince or #Queen ?#Jamiroquai, #Sting or Steve Wonder ? Chet Baker or Louis #Armstrong ?#Mozart or J.S.Bach or maybe Infected Mushroom ….? I just can’t decide ???