This is Daniel. He is #Radiopark’s Head of Music. ?

We asked him what his favourite childhood song was (1), the song that makes him dance (2) and his favourite artist(s) (or rather albums in his case?)(3). ?

1. My #Grandma gave me as a Christmas #present a tape with “#Falco – Rock me Amadeus”. That was really “wow”, cause my parents liked Vivaldi and stuff like that. I was 10 years old and that startet my music career!

2. I’m a #DJ, not a #dancer?

3. My 1st electronic „masterpiece“ I bought was “Space Night Vol. 2”. This opened my mind and blew me away. Since then I was addicted to #electronic#music. Right now there is a huge spectrum of electronical music. Much more than #Pop Music! That’s why my favourite artists are changing day by day.

Here are 3 #albums, I would take to an lonely island ?:
-Depeche Mode / 101 Live Album
– Bonobo / Fragments
– John Digweed / Live in NYC