In a great article/interview with iXtenso (CLICK HERE) Dr. Anna Schwan from Schwan Communications and our General Manager Arndt-Helge Grap were talking about what cities and the city centers have to do in order to attract more visitors.

Of course there are many possibilites to achieve this goal, but offering a great ambiance with positive emotions, so that the customer feels calm, at ease and has a good time in the stationary retail location is vital.

A friendly and competent staff, passion for the brand, a unique and appealing presentation of the products are part of an inviting spirit and of a customer experience. The customer does not feel like one and feels at home and that can be a winning factor for the client to come back and buy again or thus becoming a multiplicator in spreading this experience personally or in social media.

The fitting music to complete the ambiance is important. Not only in our times, but especially now, when a customer should feel good, forget the world’s situation for a moment and “be in the now”.

Elvis Costello once said, “Can a mere song change a people’s minds? I doubt that it is so. But a song can infiltrate your heart and the heart may change your mind” pointing out the power of music, the power of emotions over the rational mind.

The perfect instore music has a great influence to achieve this. With a brand management understanding this effect and a supplier, who has the experience in creating music concepts to enhance the unique customer experience, music can be a valuable asset.

Adenauer & CO. has a strong emphasis in brand representation, with a unique store design and an instore music concept which has been tailor made for the brand with a strong input by the brand’s CEO Andreas Adenauer in cooperation with Radiopark’s editorial team.

Radiopark sounds good in the stores of Adenauer & CO…

…and in this case the supplier becomes the client. Thank you for this great customer experience!