…our newest member of our office’s guitar lineup is the Gibson SG.

Originally named Gibson Les Paul SG, this beauty became an icon as Angus Young’s choice. He of course is the legendary guitar player of AC/DC. Another legendary guitarist is Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath, who sported the black version.

Lighter and thinner than its big brother the Les Paul, this rock icon produces an awesome sound. The SG has a solid mahagoni body with a shallower neck compared to the Les Paul, which is also heavier, making the SG a perfect stage guitar for longer sessions.

Other famous artists who played the SG are Eric Clapton (the „Fool Guitar“), Mike Oldfield, Robby Krieger. This shows how versatile this guitar is, covering genres like blues, pop, rock and of course hard rock. The aforementioned Angus Young though is always associated with this specific model and color. AC/DC had a great impact in the rock scene and had a great influence on other rock acts.

If you are looking for a edgy and rocky music program for your bar, restaurant, hotel or store, you will definitely hear some classic AC/DC tunes, which are handpicked by our editorial team.

Enjoy your weekend, perhaps with a classic rock tune from a specific band?