Hamburg, 13 February 2020: In the gourmet restaurant TIAN, the hand-picked songs of Radiopark now meet sustainable, vegetarian cuisine. The result is a treat for all senses.

What does the menu “A Walk Through the Vegetable Garden” sound like? How about TIAN’s wines? Radiopark found out and curated an individual music program that is as progressive as the restaurant’s unique aromas. The challenge was to find songs that fit the top-tier-restaurant’s concept.

TIAN is the only vegetarian restaurant in Austria to have a Michelin Star as well as four awards by Gault Millau. In Paul Ivić’s kitchen, TIAN’s CEO and Chef de Cuisine, vegetables play the leading role. His team combines expertise, sustainability and ethics with a love for experiments. For that, they use a variety of very rare, nearly forgotten vegetables, fruits and wheats.

“TIAN’s guests ask for an unforgettable evening. That includes a perfect atmosphere, excellent service and delicacies on their dishes and in their glasses. It is our job to emphasize these gourmet moments musically.”, explains Radiopark CEO Arndt-Helge Grap. That is why the choice of music draws from the restaurants interior design, atmosphere as well as their menu and to create an emotional experience. Radiopark creates individual music programs, that perfectly fit the brand’s identity.

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Taste, instinct and years of experience are the ingredients, that Radiopark’s team of 20 music experts and editors use for their work. The music programs are prepared with the greatest care – echoing the gourmet menus. The promise of quality rings true for the technical aspects as well. Radiopark employs their own specially developed players that are fail-safe and able to work with or without an internet connection. Regular updates provide refreshing and perfectly fitting tunes.

“Paul Ivic is one of only four vegetarian star-chefs worldwide. The demands for his cuisine and the restaurant itself are exceptionally high. We are proud to be contributing musically to meet his guest’s needs – or surpass them. If TIAN and Radiopark have one thing in common, it is to delight people with our creations. Our shared goal is to give guests an unforgettable experience – for all senses.”

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