Radiopark provides the Four Seasons Hotel Beirut with curated music programs

Since May 1, the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Beirut is presenting itself with a new musical concept – curated by Radiopark.

The award-winning Four Seasons Hotel Beirut has commissioned the
Hamburg company Radiopark to equip its gastronomic areas with individual music programs. Lebanon is famous for its hospitality – a tradition, that Beirut’s Four Seasons follows. Radiopark’s experts reflect this in their music selection which will round off the atmosphere in the Lobby Lounge, the Arabesque, Roof Top and The Grill. Be it for the afternoon tea Wagyu beef or high-end shisha, the music blends in with the ambience an creates a unique atmosphere. The Beirut site of the Four Seasons chain, which is operating over 70 luxury hotels, is located in Downtown Beirut directly on the eastern Mediterranean. Where skyscrapers shimmer and ol historical ruins enchant, a feeling for the right sound is indispensable.

Radiopark’s professional music editorial team plans sound concepts that are tailored to the requirements of each hotel area. In addition, the music is always adapted to the time of day and season. The result are musically sophisticated programs that perfectly match the brand’s identity and create an atmosphere in which guests feel at home.