We offer a variety of different products.
They all have in common: passion for music and first class quality.

Highest quality for maximum effect

Radiopark™ is all about fine high-quality sounds. Which is why we offer a wide spectrum of top quality audio productions such as audio books, music, comedies, sound effects, telephone hotlines, sound loops for telephone systems and advertising spots for radio. Radiopark™ not only composes exclusive music programs but also supplies reliable broadcasting hardware.

Our focus is on developing a personal audio signature for your company and we support you in creating an unmistakable brand identity. We also produce jingles, trailers, teasers and background music as part of your audio branding. Oceanbar Records, our own CD label, composes, produces and licenses music. The label offers customized CDs for our clients and their individual requests.

Background Music

The strength and emotional power of music is often underestimated, so that the responsibility for background music is frequently placed in the hands of non-professionals. This is unfortunate, as the right kind of music can have a positive influence on people. A classic waltz affects the mood at a wedding reception very differently than, for instance, an oldie or a rock ’n roll song.

Radiopark™ designs irresistible music programs and creates a fitting audio branding using the experience of our excellent editorial staff and special music scheduling software – resulting in a perfect composition for every single moment.

Tailored to your needs

Every target group has different musical requirements, which also vary considerably depending on the time of day, atmosphere, activity and other key criteria. A customized music program from Radiopark™ lets you engage far more intensely with your guests, customers, clients and patients, as well as actively influencing their mood.

To develop a unique sound concept especially tailored to meet your guests' needs, we first of all listen very carefully and ask for your goals. Following your requirements and needs combined with our know-how and our experience, we develop a concept to supply YOUR complete program – because your project is absolutely unique for us. The perfect music-mix for you, your team, your guests or your customers. Music selections will be crafted taking into account region, time of the day, season or theme.

More than 50 years of experience

The use of background music programs in the sense of following a defined customer aim requires a profound knowledge, many years of experience, a constant advancement of the repertoire knowledge and last but not least: feeling!

The Radiopark™ team unites more than 50 years of experience in the field of programming, with only goal in mind: creating atmosphere through music.

An unmistakable acoustic profile

Radiopark™ creates a perfectly tailored, exclusive sound concept to match the needs of our clients and your customers, giving your business, hotel or cruise ship its own unmistakable acoustic profile.

The Radiopark™ repertoire spans all musical genres. With programs for the breakfast buffet in the restaurant, aqua aerobics classes in the ship’s pool, relaxed moments in the coffee shop or a stylish gala dinner in a top restaurant. Our editorial department develops a personal, customized program specially for you which is handpicked from over 450.000 tracks.

Hardware & Software Solutions

Technology must be reliable and has to work smoothly in any professional field. Radiopark™ meets these requirements perfectly. Special playout devices and a software that has been developed in cooperation with the Technical University of Hamburg guarantee perfect musical entertainment – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Simple operation and absolute reliability characterize the technical solutions that Radiopark™ offers. They can be easily connected to any sound system world-wide. Regular program and content updates ensure that soundscapes are always contemporary, fresh, up-to-date and perfectly in harmony with your surroundings.

Radioland Mobile

Our syndicated on-air radio programs broadcast brand words and brand information through public & private radio stations. Our team of editors and producers produce features, interviews and syndication-programs as well as successful short radio formats such as comedy or entertainment.

Radiopark™ holds a license to operate more than 100 different digital radio channels nationwide. The service is also available for mobile devices aka smartphones and tablets.

Oceanbar Production

Our team permanently develops new products for our customers. The Radiopark™ unit Oceanbar Records is specialized in realizing CD productions. It covers every aspect of a CD production procedure: conception, licensing, artwork, digital editing & mastering, production and shipment. Radiopark™ recording studios produce every kind of audio production: audio books, commercials, sound effects, music, sound loops, comedies and telephone hotlines.

For the use in radio-like programs, the Radiopark™ team also produces your own station identity: jingles, instrumentals and teasers. Apart from that, we produce additional content such as interviews, features and reports.

Radiopark™ runs digital recording units with state-of-the-art technology. Just recently the music production unit was completely refurnished - newest production tools found their way to the studio. Cutting edge soft- and hardware have been installed to produce high level audio quality.